Never lose your history again, never get lost in your history again.

Pumgrana is a new history manager that will allow you to explore and navigate more efficiently in your navigation history. This new experience will be cloud based and accessible from anywhere you need.

Privacy by design ๐Ÿ”’, fully open source ๐Ÿ”“.

Join the beta

The plugin is in private beta for now. You want to help us to improve the project before the launch? Ask for an invite :)


  • Arnaud OCaml developer Github Linkedin
  • Alexandre OCaml developer Github Linkedin
  • Tristan System Administrator Linkedin Github
  • Lรฉo Plugin developer Twitter @Leo_LeBras Linkedin Github
  • Bruno Designer Twitter Linkedin Personnal website

Keep contact

We try to deliver news about Pumgrana as often as we can, just follow us ;)